Facebook Group -> Page

For any of you who were in my Facebook photo group and noticed it no longer exists… it’s because FB has been purging old groups into new groups and pages. I will continue to update and post photos on my FB page. Please feel free to join my FB page here… http://www.facebook.com/pages/Clifton-Saulnier-Photos/88867612219 Thanks everyone… Cliffy...

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Where did my comments go?

If you’re wondering why your comments are no longer being displayed it’s because I just upgraded to facebook comments v2. The new version has more features and worth the upgrade however it is not compatible with the old version and therefor the comments are gone! booohooo 🙁 So for those of you who have...

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Today’s Smoothie

…is brought to you by me! 🙂 This is my ‘almost daily’ fruit drink. I alter it from day to day, depending on what fruits I have left in the house. In today’s smoothie there is one riped bannana, hand full of frozen hand picked cranberries, fresh blueberries, frozen mango chunks, Danone Activia Yogurt,...

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