Top 25 Wedding Moments Captured for 2011

After what started as a top 10 list of my favorite moments captured for 2011, I ended up with a list of the top 25 photos! 🙂

With much difficulty, here are my favorite moments captured for 2011.  Enjoy! 😉


Here we go…

Number Twenty-Five:

Here, two friends of the bride react to a photo that is being presented to the guests.

Number Twenty-Four:

The bride and her friend taking a self portrait with her camera phone.

Number Twenty-Three:

The niece to the bride (flower-girl) reads a lecture as the priest stands by her side.

Number Twenty-Two:

Ring bearer sits and adjusts the rings.

Number Twenty-One:

The groom helps his bride by carrying her dress.

Number Twenty:

The bride gives a warm hug to her dad while receiving a kiss on the cheek.

Number Nineteen:

Here are three sisters to the groom enjoying a slideshow being presented to the guests.

Number Eighteen:

As the ceremony is taking place at the front of the church, a little girl and her mom are making faces in the back of the church. 😉

Number Seventeen:

The groom dancing with his mom.

Number Sixteen:

The shoe-game…  the best man reacts with laughter.

Number Fifteen:

Late in the evening they grab the groom’s younger cousin and drag him on the dance floor.

Number Fourteen:

The groom greets his bride at the alter with a big hug.

Number Thirteen:

The bride’s grandfather takes in the moment while dancing with his granddaughter.

Number Twelve:

Two wedding party members react to the slideshow being presented to the guests.

Number Eleven:

The bride sits at the piano and plays us a beautiful song.

Number Ten:

The bride taking it all in as she dances with her husband.

Number Nine:

Mom lacing up her daughter’s dress.

Number Eight:

Here the groom and his brother are in the back of the church moments before the ceremony.  The groom’s brother takes a moment to relax while the groom is checking on the time.

Number Seven:

The bride’s father tenderly touches his daughter’s face as he gives her away at the alter.

Number Six:

As the guests around them dance and celebrate, they take a moment for a kiss.

Number Five:

The groom and his sister take a moment to themselves outdoors.  Here they grab and review a self portrait with their camera phone.

Number Four:

A grandmother adoring her granddaughter in her wedding dress moments before we leave for the ceremony.

Number Three:

The bride and groom serenading each other among their guests at their ceremony.

Number Two:

This was taking behind the alter.  The groom and his groomsmen gather in a circle moments before the ceremony is to take place.

Number One:

The groom takes a moment to give his son a kiss as a family member is giving a speech.

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