Renée & Jeremy – July 10th, 2010

I first met Renée & Jeremy in January 2010. Renée works at the Yarmouth Fire Fighters Museum. She was the lady who saw my work and was the mastermind of me having my very first exhibit at the museum. Which I am forever grateful for…. thank you! 😉 Somehow we ended up discussing a wedding I did and I was bragging the delicious cake they had. Low and behold it was Renée who made the cake. She’s a wicked cake maker and I’m looking forward to having more of her cake next month at Vanessa and Julian’s wedding! 🙂

Renée and Jeremy were to have an outdoor wedding, but unfortunately it began to rain prior to the ceremony. However, fortunately for the rain we captured a stunning shot under their umbrella on the docks with the rain glowing in the background. Wishing you guys nothing but the best… thanks… Clif

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