Rachael + Paul : August 20th, 2011 : Halifax Wedding Photos

After Rachael & Paul’s ceremony the wedding party and I hopped onto an authentic double decker bus and headed off to the York Redoubt National Historic Site.  It was first time I had ever been on a double decker bus and it was rather interesting to say the least! 🙂   Between the hot summer day and the constant rocking motion from being on the second deck I felt slightly nauseated, but it was awesome!   🙂   After having tree branches and power lines scraping across the top and sides of the bus and feeling like we have to duck down as we pass under overpasses… we made it to our destination safe and sound! 🙂

Wishing you all the best Paul and Rachael! 😉

Paul’s beverage of choice is Stewart’s Orange ‘n Cream and he had one to share for each of his guests! 🙂  I must admin… he got me hooked on this orange soda!  🙂


Rachael’s dad as he is listening to the speeches!



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