Things to come and things in the recent past

I have a feeling that this is gonna be a long winded blog post… at least for me!

First I’ll start off with the things that recently happened…

  • I went to Montreal for the first time during Daphne’s March break. I loved the city, I loved the shopping… all 33 kms of the underground shopping… ok… maybe not so much as Daphne, but it was really cool to see! 😉 I had the grand tour of the Bell Centre… went up the Montréal Tower Observatory, visitied the Biodome and  I got to watch my favorite team play, the Montreal Canadians.  They happened to lose against the Washington Capitals, but none the less it was thrilling to watch live.

Here’s the view from our hotel BEST WESTERN Ville-Marie Hotel & Suites

Off shopping we go…

Montréal Tower Observatory and the view from above…

Penguins inside the BIODOME…  You guessed it… at the Bell Centre…The view from above as we approach Halifax airport…

  • My wife Daphne was selected the Teacher of the Year and received an award… for the second time…. I’m very proud of her… I think it was well deserved! 😉 I think an award for the Wife/Mother/Assistant of the Year would be well deserved too. 😉
  • On April 2nd I had a photography workshop in Clare with a great bunch of people. From the feedback I received I think it was a success! 🙂  Thanks to everyone who attended and thanks to Nicole Deveau-Lombard for her exceptional organizing skills who made this happen.  I would also like to thank Larry Peach and Université Sainte-Anne for giving us their art gallery room at the Rendez-vous de la Baie (Université Sainte-Anne café).  There will be another workshop in May with another group of people.  I split them into two groups to allow me to have more one-on-one time with each of  them.
  • On Sunday April 10th we had the pleasure of having photographer Adam Graham and his family over for some of my homemade Acadian dish… Rappie Pie (sans sel).  Why no salt you ask?  It’s because both Daphne and Adam are on a low sodium diet and besides, too much salt isn’t good for anyone! 😉

To come… the GOOD STUFF

  • On May 9th, I’m headed to New Jersey / Philadelphia for a 2 and half day bootcamp with none other than wedding guru Cliff Mautner. He has been named one of the top ten wedding photographers in the world by American Photo Magazine. I’m very excited and fortunate to meet and learn from the best.   I’m also excited to be accompanied with Tanya Shields, an outstanding child photographer and upcoming wedding photographer from Halifax.   Tanya was the one who informed me of  Cliff’s bootcamp and will also be attending.
  • On May 15th I have another workshop in Clare for the second group of folks.

Ok, so it’s not as long as I thought it would be. 😉  Thanks for reading… Clif

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