My new office (Outside of the home… FINALLY!!!)

I’m excited to finally be in my new office space and to share it with all of you.

It’s been years now that I wanted an office outside of my home and I finally now have one.

Last spring I found what used to be an old office from the ’80s. Panel walls had to be replaced with drywall, a new window, a new door, the floor, and sub-floor had to be replaced. 

It wasn’t until the end of last summer, 2018 that I finally got to move my editing gear and some furniture into my new space.   

Finally, I have a creative office space outside the home where I can have more focus with fewer interruptions for working on my photography, edit weddings and make videos like this. 

I know there isn’t too much to see in my office, it’s small, still quite empty, but I’m thinking that I prefer it this way… with fewer distractions.   

The office is not big enough to be a studio.  However, maybe there’s enough space for individual portraits if needed.  I haven’t attempted to take photos in here yet.  We’ll see.  🙂

Below are some before & after photos.  As you can see it has come a long way. 🙂

This old office was no longer being used as an office.   It was being used as storage.  It was filled mostly with chairs and display cabinets.

Here the paneling has been removed and replaced with drywall.  The windows on the left have been removed and a new floor installed.

Here you’ll see that the small windows on the right have been replaced with a new larger window and a new outside entrance.  

The office is almost completed here.  New flooring has been installed.  Window trim, crown molding, and baseboards have been installed.  All that’s needed here is to replace the hanging temporary light (previously fluorescent tubes) with a new light fixture.

And finally, after many weeks of construction, a photo that was taken shortly after I had moved in.

Thanks so much for watching.  Maybe, hopefully, you’ll be seeing more videos and updates like this in the future.

I’d love to hear what you think.  Feel free to leave a comment or some suggestions for my new office space.


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