Josée – Jan 20th, 2011

I recently got some new lighting gear in and so I called up, actually I facebook’ed, Josée to see if she would like to model in for me. 🙂 I picked up two Westcott Apollo 28″ Softboxes. Prior to softboxes I was using umbrellas and a DIY beauty dish made from a wash dish and a CD spindle holder. Which I love using and throwing around and then watching people’s expressions as I toss it to the ground. The grand-total on the DIY beauty dish was $2.00 from the dollar store! 🙂 Anyways… I’m getting off topic. Josée is a grade 11 student who basically lives across the street from us and is often Kailen’s babysitter when she’s available! 🙂

The results: So far I like what I see… beautiful soft controllable light… see for youself. 🙂 Big thanks to Josée who toughed it out in the cold and who is now surviving frost bite! 😉 Merci Josée!

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